Boosting your business after COVID 19

The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and we are witnessing a key turning point in nearly every industry worldwide. Moving your business to exclusively contactless marketing strategies may have seemed strange, but today seems obligatory. The shift towards a more digital-first approach to your marketing & sales strategy is critical for boosting your business after COVID 19 and for its lasting success.

However, due to COVID 19, we need to make this move while trying to maintain positive results. Fortunately, strong leaders know that with any hardship comes a huge opportunity for growth. Take the time to identify problems and find solutions to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Time for Reflection after COVID 19

Gather your team to analyse areas that are sometimes neglected during busier times. Get back to the foundations to pinpoint areas where your business needs improvement the most. 

  • Find new solutions that may not have seemed quite practical before. Brainstorm new ways to reuse old marketing materials into new digital formats. If possible, make old content more uplifting and shareable to inspire established and potential customers to share. 
  • Go over a SWOT analysis for your business. As you analyse overall ways to improve your strategies, come up with ways to turn threats into opportunities. Ask your team to brainstorm “what if” scenarios. 
  • Review SEO rankings to see where it falls short and update content to boost rankings.
  • Improve your overall digital marketing strategy by writing press releases, professional articles, planning future events and marketing materials, and drafting storylines for videos.

Work on Building Communities and Lifting People Up

  • Aim at improving response times to existing customers. Take a little extra time to know more about them. Craft surveys and questionnaires to connect with them on a deeper level. You may be surprised at what you find out and your customers may sincerely appreciate your business taking the time to reach out and lift their spirits. 
  • Take some time on social media to really interact with people and other businesses.
  • Seek out opportunities for interacting with clients and vendors. Whether the interaction is in digital format or an event later in the year, take advantage of this time to strengthen professional networks. Other companies will be looking to do the same, and the opportunities are endless.

We Can Help Your Business Pivot and Adapt after COVID 19

Creative solutions are what drive innovation forward and separate the best from the rest. Popula is a digital marketing agency focused on growing the bottom line for businesses across various industries. We work together with our clients to identify practical, yet cutting-edge approaches to put your business ahead of the curve. 

During this critical time in history think about how your business has been impacted but more importantly think about how you need to adapt and respond to ensure your business keeps growing and prospers.

From all of us here on the Popula team, we will help you boosting your business after COVID 19. Let’s grow together.