Logo Design 

Merging deep research and modern design to create logos that capture attention and define brands. 
Crafting logos with impact 

More logos are seen today by consumers, but they only remember a select few. Great logos embody their brand, tell a unique story, speak values loudly – they stand for something.  

Although brands know what they stand for, it is a daunting challenge for them to realize their ideals in a symbol. And our years of building brands have taught us that memorable logos don’t happen by accident.  

At Popula, our team communicate with clients to create a logo that makes a real impression.  


Strategy to storytelling 

A logo is a powerful storytelling device.  

Today’s iconic brand symbols enjoy their status because they have instant associations with moments, emotions, and attitudes. But they don’t start like this. They earn that space in the consumer’s mind. 

To be able to forge this bond with an audience, it is important for your brand to take the time to learn and listen. That process opens up big questions about the brand you are, and the brand you want to be one, five, or ten years down the line. 

How we make great logos happen 

It is a crystalizing moment for brands to create a new logo. The task is approached with clear objectives and a steady hand. Our process is grounded in research, iterative by design, and informed by years of hands-on work building brands across practically every industry. 



Getting your point of view 

Our process begins with the client. To create a logo that reflects brand identity, it is imperative to have frank conversations about the state of the brand. As we move toward research, ideation and logo creation, questions about external and internal brand perception, identity and aspirations, and competitive whitespace act as our compass. 



Laying our foundation 

Research and study are at the core of our logo design process. Before even presenting our earliest sketches, we add context by spotting trends, analyzing competitors, and identifying promising audience segments. This puts down a strategic foundation to guide the rest of the project and solidifies our understanding of brand identity, client vision, customer sentiment, and more. 



Setting an artistic foundation 

The themes we’ve taken out from research allow our team to collect a range of materials for design and logo inspiration. . From mood boards to competitor research, this is our chance to analyze what resonate with brand stakeholders.  



Crafting the heart of a brand 

In a collective process, our designers and strategists meet to act on insights, inspiration and client feedback. It is then that our body of research is translated into logo concepts.



Honing in on a winning design 

Clients are never excluded of the logo design process. We present concepts to stakeholders, gather their input, and refine until we’ve checked all the boxes. From black-and-white concepts, to color mockups, to finalization, their feedback always drives the process. 



Ready for the digital landscape 

Modern brands rely on their logos to say and do a lot. Once a logo design is approved, our team pinpoints essential use cases and builds out creative assets to fit a range of digital situations, ensuring visual identity is consistent across the board. 

Our growth blueprint

Here’s the process we use to generate ROI for our clients: 

1. Friendly chat 

To understand of what your challenges are right now, and what you’ve tried so far, we’ll start out by talking on the phone. This will help us know if we are the right digital marketing agency for you. No hard selling. Promise. 

2. Marketing opportunities analysis 

Further to that, if we think we can help you, Marketing Insights will be put specifically for your company. After running your business through our experienced digital marketing agency analysis, an execution plan will be created which will maximise opportunities for growth and specific KPIs. 

3. Strategy discussion 

We will set up specific, long-term, scalable digital marketing goals which will help us get you as many wins as possible. 

4. Full rollout 

We will introduce our full execution plan while focusing on timely, tactical implementation, and setting up scalable growth opportunites. This will allow you to spend more time on other high impact areas of your business. 

5. Learn and adjust 

To help you get even more wins, our online marketing team will continually monitor your results at every step of the process. 

Can We Help Your Business Grow?