Ludotex Suitings

Ludotex Suitings

Tailoring with Ludotex starts with selecting the finest fabrics, choosing the style and cut and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted exactly to your measurements and personalized details inside and out.


Defining the brand.

The project began with a brand workshop where we facilitated several discovery sessions. The objective was to clarify company goals and values.


Understanding the customer.

The next step was to define the target audience. Using the new information surfaced in the workshop sessions, we created two detailed customer persona profiles. These customer personas would function as a filtering tool, allowing us to purposefully design and create all future brand visuals, marketing efforts and other collateral in alignment with the customers’ needs and wants.
Bringing the Brand to Life.
The first real glimpse into how the brand will look and feel begins at the preliminary design phase. Stylescapes are rough visual representations of how all the elements of the brand come together. Three visual directions are developed using curated concepts, design elements, messaging and text, and photography.

The final stylescape is then created as a sort of hybrid using elements from all three preliminary stylescapes. From there we have the ingredients to create all the brand collateral, stationery and begin working on a concept for the company website.


Branding, Creative, Digital Marketing


November 28, 2019